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Using our state-of-the-art production facilities, Guy Industries manufactures paper tubing and cardboard tubes for a huge variety of purposes and applications. From heavy duty cardboard tubes to lighter paper rolls, we produce a quality range of packaging solutions.

The pictures below give a cross-section of our product range, and even a look at our manufacturing facility! These may be used for industrial, commercial or even personal applications – such is the versatility and flexibility of our products.

Cardboard Tubes: Our flagship product, these spiral-wound cardboard tubes may be used for internal and external storage. The way this achieved is by using plastic plastic end caps on both sides. The cardboard and paper stock we use ranges from light to heavy, so you can pick your ideal degree of tensile strength and weight.

Our tubes are cut precisely to length – the length of tube may be up to 6 metres on selected diametres. The thickness of a cardboard tube ranges between 1 mm to 12 mm, so weight and strength can be easily managed. See some examples of our products below.

Colour Coding Option: For larger orders with varying sizes, colour coding is available as you can see from the photos in the gallery below:










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