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Welcome to Guy Industries - Paper Rolls & Paper Tube Manufacturers

At Guy Industries, we produce quality paper and cardboard products. Whatever your business, we can manufacture a packaging or paper tube solution for you.

Our products are used to package a wide range of materials and products, such as carpet and vinyl flooring, paper, plastic bags, aluminium foil, fabric, insulation, bubble wrap, and many others. If your business needs quality cardboard tube packaging for its products, you know who to turn to.

We believe in quality and affordability, supplying your business with the best product possible. Guy Industries maintains one of the most up-to-date core winding facilities in Australia. This allows us to create versatile and flexible cardboard tube and paper roll products that will fit right into your business – and fit your products perfectly!

Online, you'll find a quote submission form and our contact details. A member of our trained work team will be more than happy to consult with you regarding your paper roll or cardboard tube requirements. You can also browse a sample of our product range and find out more about our background and services. Call today to find out what we can do for you.

Guy Industries - your choice for paper rolls, paper tubes, cardboard tubes, cardboard rolls, paper cores and packaging materials made from paper rolls and tubes.

Our products are used for labels, carpet, vinyl flooring, paper, garbage bags, plastic bags, aluminium foil, leather, fabric , insulation, bubble wrap. Our paper rolls are also used for postage tubes and mailing tubes.

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